What is counter machine?

Counter Machine

The counter machine models go by a number of different names that may help to distinguish them by their peculiarities. In the following the instruction "JZDEC ( r )" is a compound instruction that tests to see if a register r is empty; if so then jump to instruction Iz, else if not then DECrement the contents of r:

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Counter Machine Reference Model - Reference Library (RefLib) - Counter Machine Instructions
... The various Counter machine instruction sets are like "ultra-RISC instruction sets" ... And, as is the case for different RISC machine builders, even for very similar machines, different authors have used different instruction sets ... "basic instructions" are used map these differences on the relevant Counter machine variant models ...
Historical Development of The Register Machine Model - Elgot-Robinson (1964) and The Problem of The RASP Without Indirect Addressing
... A RASP or Random access stored program machine begins as a counter machine with its "program of instruction" placed in its "registers" ... Analogous to, but independent of, the finite state machine's "Instruction Register", at least one of the registers (nicknamed the "program counter" (PC)) and one or more "temporary" registers ... The finite state machine's TABLE of instructions is responsible for (i) fetching the current program instruction from the proper register, (ii) parsing the program instruction, (ii ...
Algorithm Examples - Example: Counter-machine Versus Turing-machine Computation
... more detailed than the above, because here the counter machine is specified to be a simulation in an EXCEL spread sheet ... similar, the core of the two algorithms is truly different in this example the counter machine has to increment "m" times its parameter "n" ... In the Turing machine case the machine just had to fill in the first blank it came to, then find its way "home" ...
Counter Machine Reference Model
... The Counter machine's reference model is a set of choices and conventions to be used with the Counter machine and other model variants of the Register machine concept ...

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