What is costume?

  • (noun): The attire worn in a play or at a fancy dress ball.
    Example: "He won the prize for best costume"
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The term costume can refer to wardrobe and dress in general, or to the distinctive style of dress of a particular people, class, or period. Costume may also refer to the artistic arrangement of accessories in a picture, statue, poem, or play, appropriate to the time, place, or other circumstances represented or described, or to a particular style of clothing worn to portray the wearer as a character or type of character other than their regular persona at a social event such as a masquerade, a fancy dress party or in an artistic theatrical performance.

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More definitions of "costume":

  • (noun): The attire characteristic of a country or a time or a social class.
    Example: "He wore his national costume"
  • (noun): The prevalent fashion of dress (including accessories and hair style as well as garments).
  • (verb): Furnish with costumes; as for a film or play.
  • (noun): Unusual or period attire not characteristic of or appropriate to the time and place.
    Example: "In spite of the heat he insisted on his woolen costume"
  • (verb): Dress in a costume.
    Synonyms: dress up

Famous quotes containing the word costume:

    Sleep takes off the costume of circumstance, arms us with terrible freedom, so that every will rushes to a deed.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    His hair has the long jesuschrist look. He is wearing the costume clothes. But most of all, he now has a very tolerant and therefore withering attitude toward all those who are still struggling in the old activist political ways ... while he, with the help of psychedelic chemicals, is exploring the infinite regions of human consciousness.
    Tom Wolfe (b. 1931)

    My neighbors tell me of their adventures with famous gentlemen and ladies, what notabilities they met at the dinner-table; but I am no more interested in such things than in the contents of the Daily Times. The interest and the conversation are about costume and manners chiefly; but a goose is a goose still, dress it as you will.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)