What is coordinate?

  • (verb): Bring into common action, movement, or condition.
    Example: "Coordinate the painters, masons, and plumbers"; "coordinate his actions with that of his colleagues"; "coordinate our efforts"
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Some articles on coordinate, coordinates:

Coordinate Conditions - Other Coordinates
... Many other coordinate conditions have been employed by physicists, though none as pervasively as those described above ... Almost all coordinate conditions used by physicists, including the harmonic and synchronous coordinate conditions, would be satisfied by a metric tensor that equals the Minkowski tensor everywhere ... the Riemann and hence the Ricci tensor for Minkowski coordinates is identically zero, the Einstein equations give zero energy/matter for Minkowski coordinates so Minkowski coordinates cannot be an ...
Light Cone Coordinates
... In relativity, light-cone coordinates is a special coordinate system where two of the coordinates, x+ and x− are null coordinates and all the other coordinates are spatial ... Instead of the standard coordinate system , with we have with, and ... Both x+ and x- can act as "time" coordinates ...
Coordinate Systems in Two-dimensional Spaces
... The most popular coordinate systems are the Cartesian coordinate system, the polar coordinate system and the geographic coordinate system ... Cartesian coordinate system Polar coordinate system Geographic coordinate system ...
Construction Surveying - Coordinate Systems Used in Construction
... and surveys of existing conditions are generally performed according to geodesic coordinates ... However for the purposes of construction a more suitable coordinate system will often be used ... During construction surveying, the surveyor will often have to convert from geodesic coordinates to the coordinate system used for that project ...
Coordinate Conditions
... the real world does not care about our coordinate systems ... However, it is often useful to fix upon a particular coordinate system, in order to solve actual problems or make actual predictions ... A coordinate condition selects such coordinate system(s) ...

More definitions of "coordinate":

  • (verb): Bring (components or parts) into proper or desirable coordination correlation.
    Synonyms: align, ordinate
  • (verb): Be co-ordinated.
    Example: "These activities co-ordinate well"
  • (adj): Of equal importance, rank, or degree.
  • (noun): A number that identifies a position relative to an axis.
    Synonyms: co-ordinate