What is compatible ink?

Compatible Ink

Compatible ink (or compatible toner) is manufactured by third party manufacturers and is designed to work in designated printers without infringing on patents of printer manufacturers. Compatible inks and toners may come in a variety of packaging including sealed plastic wraps or taped plastic wraps. Regardless of packaging, compatible products are generally priced lower than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brand inks and toners. While there has been considerable debate and litigation involving the ink and toner patents of printer manufacturers, third party manufacturers continue to thrive. Manufacturers of compatible ink and toner products currently control about 25% the ink and toner market well over $8 Billion annually.

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Compatible Ink - Quality
... Part of the debate surrounding compatible consumables is about the quality of compatible products ... Independent testing on compatible ink shows little or no difference in quality between compatible and OEM products ... However, many critics of compatible ink say the colors (especially yellow) on prints are not as bright as genuine ink, and that finished prints appear to be less glossy ...

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