What is commie?

  • (noun): A socialist who advocates communism.
    Synonyms: communist

Some articles on commie:

Pinko - History - Popular Culture
... association of his Florida condominium as "a pinko commie rag." In the movie The Boondock Saints, "Funny Man" Rocco (played by David Della Rocco) insults one of the ... Liberal radio show host Cenk Uygur uses the term "commie pinko" satirically in regard to conservative commentators calling the President a socialist ...
A Twist In The Tale (TV Series) - Episodes
... Jem's father, back in the future, has designed a "compucator" - what Jem calls a commie ... The commie is an astonishing invention a kind of hand-held, intuitive supercomputer, which works by accessing the user's alpha waves and the universal matrix, the 21st century's version of the Internet ... When Jem's commie goes missing from her locker, he suspects Wayne has stolen it, despite Wayne's indignant denial - and when Jem goes missing next, he's certain of it ...
Chess (musical) - Differences Among The Major Versions
... Addition of "Commie Newspapers," "Press Conference," "Florence and Molokov," "Der Kleiner Franz," "Chess #2," "Anatoly and the Press," "One More Opponent," "The Soviet Machine," "The Interview," and "Talking Chess ... Only major version to include the character Viigand and the songs "Commie Newspapers," "Der Kleiner Franz," "Anatoly and the Press," and "The Interview." Various songs arranged in the plot differently ... and "Lullaby." Omission of the West End's "Merano" sequence, "Commie Newspapers," "Embassy Lament," "The Soviet Machine," "The Interview" sequence, and "Talking Chess." The West End songs "1956 – Budapest is Rising ...