What is closely?

  • (adv): In an attentive manner.
    Synonyms: close, tight
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Closely Watched Trains
... Closely Watched Trains (Czech Ostře sledované vlaky) is a 1966 Czechoslovak film directed by Jiří Menzel ... It was released in the United Kingdom as Closely Observed Trains ...
Celtic Music Radio - Music and Cultural Festivals
... community broadcaster with strong links to Scottish culture and arts, Celtic Music Radio works closely with many of the music and arts festivals in the Glasgow area, providing live ... Celtic Music Radio is closely associated with the annual Celtic Connections music festival which takes place in Glasgow every January, broadcasting 8 hours of live music and interviews from the Glasgow ... Celtic Music Radio works closely with the Scottish International Piano Competition broadcasting live coverage of all of the performances ...
Parotocinclus - Taxonomy
... jumbo is not closely related to P ... collinsae is not closely related to P ... maculicauda, and may be more closely related to Hypoptopoma and four other genera ...
Witch-hazel - Genera
... The Persian Ironwood, a closely related tree formerly treated as Hamamelis persica, is now given a genus of its own, as Parrotia persica, as it differs ... Other closely allied genera are Parrotiopsis, Fothergilla and Sycopsis (see under Hamamelidaceae) ... Witch-hazels are not closely related to the true Corylus hazels, though they have a few superficially similar characteristics which may cause one to ...
Love Alone Will Stay - Lyrics
... as published in "The Dome" LOVE ALONE WILL STAY Closely cling, for winds drive fast, Blossoms perish in the blast, Love alone will last ... Closely let me hold thy hand, Storms are sweeping sea and land, Love alone will stand ... go and sunlit day, Love alone will stay." in "Sea Pictures" IN HAVEN (CAPRI) Closely let me hold thy hand, Storms are sweeping sea and land Love alone will stand ...

More definitions of "closely":

  • (adv): In a close relation or position in time or space.
    Example: "The onsets were closely timed"; "houses set closely together"; "was closely involved in monitoring daily progress"

Famous quotes containing the word closely:

    Follow your genius closely enough, and it will not fail to show you a fresh prospect every hour.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Let us together closely lie, and kisse,
    There is no labour, nor no shame in this;
    This hath pleas’d, doth please, and long will please; never
    Can this decay, but is beginning ever.
    Petronius Arbiter (d.A.D. 66)

    We should always remember that the work of art is invariably the creation of a new world, so that the first thing we should do is to study that new world as closely as possible, approaching it as something brand new, having no obvious connection with the worlds we already know. When this new world has been closely studied, then and only then let us examine its links with other worlds, other branches of knowledge.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)