What is clock synchronization?

Clock Synchronization

Clock synchronization is a problem from computer science and engineering which deals with the idea that internal clocks of several computers may differ. Even when initially set accurately, real clocks will differ after some amount of time due to clock drift, caused by clocks counting time at slightly different rates. There are several problems that occur as a repercussion of clock rate differences and several solutions, some being more appropriate than others in certain contexts.

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Test Theories Of Special Relativity - Robertson-Mansouri-Sexl Framework - Theory
... And therefore is the factor by which the interval between ticks of a clock increases when it moves (time dilation) and is factor by which the length ... excluded by experiment, results from ) The value of e(v) depends only on the choice of clock synchronization and cannot be determined by experiment ... Mansouri-Sexl discussed the following synchronization schemes Internal clock synchronization like the Poincaré-Einstein synchronization by using ...
Teletext - Technology - Data Transmission
... image and 318–334 in the other to transmit 360 data bits including clock run-in and framing code during the active video period at a rate of 6.9375 Mbit/s 25 ppm using binary NRZ line coding ... The clock run in consist of 8 times of "10" and the framing code is "11100100" ... The two last bits of the clock-run in shall start within 12+0.4 −1.0 µs from the negative flank of the line synchronization pulse ...
Clock Synchronization - Solutions - Reference Broadcast Synchronization
... In this scheme, an initiator broadcasts a reference message to urge the receivers to adjust their clocks ...
Coordinate Time, Proper Time, and Clock Synchronization
... from its relationships with proper time and with clock synchronization ... Synchronization, along with the related concept of simultaneity, has to receive careful definition in the framework of general relativity theory, because many of the assumptions ... Specific clock synchronization procedures were defined by Einstein and give rise to a limited concept of simultaneity ...
Time-Triggered Protocol - Technical Details - Clock Synchronization
... The clock synchronization is necessary to provide all nodes with an equivalent time concept ... time of a correct message to learn about the difference between the sender’s clock and the receiver’s clock ... calculate a correction term for the local clock so that the clock is kept in synchrony with all other clocks of the cluster ...

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