What is classification scheme?

Classification Scheme

In metadata a classification scheme is a hierarchical arrangement of kinds of things (classes) or groups of kinds of things. Typically it is accompanied by descriptive information of the classes or groups. A classification scheme is intended to be used for an arrangement or division of individual objects into the classes or groups. The classes or groups are based on characteristics which the objects (members) have in common. In linguistics, the subordinate concept is called a hyponym of its superordinate. Typically a hyponym is 'a kind of' its superordinate (Keith Allan, Natural language Semantics).

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Punjab Public Library, Lahore - Classification Scheme
... For arrangement of reading material the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme is followed in the library ... The 19th edition of this scheme is being used at present along with AACR2 and the 15th edition of the Sears List of Subject Headings ...
Henry Draper Catalogue - History
... Classifications in the Draper Catalogue of Stellar Spectra Secchi Draper Comment I A, B, C, D Hydrogen lines dominant ... This catalogue contained spectroscopic classifications for 10,351 stars, mostly north of declination −25° ... Most of the classification was done by Williamina Fleming ...
Kinds of Classification Schemes
... The following are examples of different kinds of classification schemes ... One example of a classification scheme for data elements is a representation term ...
List Of Baden Locomotives And Railbuses - Classification Scheme
... The locomotives previously organised under the old scheme were transferred into the new classes ... Old scheme New scheme Ia, Ib, Ic IIa (ex Ic) others already retired II IIb IIIa, IIIb, IIIc IIb (ex IIIc) others already retired IV IIb V Vb VI Already retired VII Vc VIII Vc ...
Sandstein - Types of Sandstone - Dott (1964) Classification Scheme
... Dott's (1964) sandstone classification scheme is one of many classification scheme used by geologists for classifying sandstones ... Dott's scheme is a modification of Gilbert's classification of silicate sandstones, and it incorporates R.L ... textural and compositional maturity concepts into one classification system ...

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