What is centralized?

  • (adj): Drawn toward a center or brought under the control of a central authority.
    Example: "Centralized control of emergency relief efforts"; "centralized government"
    Synonyms: centralised
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Tbx - Centralized Translation Memory
... Centralized translation memory systems store TM on a central server ... Centralized TM is usually part of a globalization management system (GMS), which may also include a centralized terminology database (or glossary), a ...
Relative Articulation - Centralized Vowels - Mid-centralized Vowel
... Mid-centralized ◌̽ A mid-centralized vowel is a vowel closer to the mid-point of the vowel space than some point of reference ... to the mid-central vowel schwa it is not just centralized, but also raised or lowered ... In most languages, vowels become mid-centralized when spoken quickly, and in some, such as English and Russian, many vowels are also mid-centralized when unstressed ...
Centralized Government
... A centralized (US, Oxford English) or centralised (UK) government is one in which power or legal authority is exerted or coordinated by a de facto political executive to which ... governments are, to some degree, necessarily centralized, in the sense that a theoretically federal state exerts an authority or prerogative beyond that of its constituent parts ... a larger unit, such as the state or the local community, authority is centralized ...
Biochar - Production - Centralized, Decentralized and Mobile Systems
... In a centralized system, all biomass in a region is brought to a central plant for processing ...
Peoples Christian Academy - August 2010
... It means a centralized administration as opposed to two Elementary School offices ... It allows for centralized child care ... It enables us to provide a centralized lunch program ...

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