What is cavil?

  • (noun): An evasion of the point of an argument by raising irrelevant distinctions or objections.
    Synonyms: quibble, quiddity
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Battlestar Galactica: The Plan - Plot
... Humanoid Cylon John Cavil (played by Dean Stockwell) is shown leading the planning for the genocidal attack on the human race ... All of the six "known" humanoid Cylons (Cavil, Leoben Conoy, D'Anna Biers, Simon, Aaron Doral, Six, and Sharon Valerii) are present in the control room of the main Cylon base ... Two versions of Cavil are shown in a Resurrection Ship, with the "Final Five" Cylons in stasis in resurrection chambers ...
Cylon (reimagining) - Humanoid Cylons - Number Seven (Daniel)
... She was very close to Daniel, which enraged Cavil he felt that Daniel was Ellen's favorite child and became jealous ... Cavil poisoned the amniotic fluid being used to mature the Daniel copies and then corrupted Daniel's genetic code ... that Daniel is merely a plot device to explain the missing number and to expand on Cavil's character (noting that Daniel is essentially the Abel to Cavil's Cain) ...
John Cavil - Background
... John Cavil, aka Number One, is a humanoid Cylon model that appears as a highly rational, eccentric man in his late-sixties ... Cavils have a heavy sarcastic demeanor and a sense of humor ... A Cavil is first seen aboard the Galactica assuming the role of a priest, offering spiritual guidance, and going by the name "Brother Cavil" ...
Cylon (reimagining) - Humanoid Cylons - Number One (John Cavil)
... The main antagonist of the series, John Cavil first appears on Galactica in the two-part episode "Lay Down Your Burdens", posing as a priest ... Cavil's role in society is one of contradictions and occasionally serves as a devil's advocate, pointing out the absurdity of his fellow Cylons and their religious zealotry ... Cavil is also an atheist (the only one of the seven models who is one), and will often mockingly make quotation signs with his hands when saying the word "God" ...

More definitions of "cavil":

  • (verb): Raise trivial objections.
    Synonyms: carp, chicane

Famous quotes containing the word cavil:

    In the way of bargain, mark ye me,
    I’ll cavil on the ninth part of a hair.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)