What is categorical?

  • (adj): Relating to or included in a category.
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Timeline Of Category Theory And Related Mathematics - 1981–1990
... equation and the Zamolodchikov equation 1984 Horst Herrlich Universal topology in categorical topology A unifying categorical approach to the different structured sets (topological ... Lambek–Phil Scott Influential book Introduction to higher order categorical logic 1986 Joachim Lambek–Phil Scott Fundamental theorem of topology The section-functor Γ and the germ-functor ...
Plot (graphics) - Types of Plots
... In the case of categorical variables, category level points may be used to represent the levels of a categorical variable ... biplot displays information on both continuous and categorical variables ...
Timeline Of Category Theory And Related Mathematics - 1971–1980
... theory 1971 Horst Herrlich-Oswald Wyler Categorical topology The study of topological categories of structured sets (generalizations of topological spaces, uniform spaces and the various ... General categorical topology study and uses structured sets in a topological category as general topology study and uses topological spaces ... Algebraic categorical topology tries to apply the machinery of algebraic topology for topological spaces to structured sets in a topological category ...

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    We do the same thing to parents that we do to children. We insist that they are some kind of categorical abstraction because they produced a child. They were people before that, and they’re still people in all other areas of their lives. But when it comes to the state of parenthood they are abruptly heir to a whole collection of virtues and feelings that are assigned to them with a fine arbitrary disregard for individuality.
    Leontine Young (20th century)