What is car magazine?

Car Magazine

Car Magazine (Car) is a British automotive enthusiast magazine published monthly by Bauer Automotive. International editions are published by Bauer Automotive in Brazil, China, Greece, India, Mexico, the Middle East, Poland (under the title Cars), Romania, Russia, South Africa (under the title topcar), Spain, Thailand and Turkey. A Japanese counterpart, Car Magazine (カーマガジン, kaa magajin?), is published by Neko Publishing.

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Fast Car (magazine)
... Fast Car magazine is a UK-based car magazine covering the modified car market and car culture ... It was the first UK magazine focusing on this genre ... The magazine is published 13 times a year ...
Citroën XM - Critical Appraisal
... The XM was reviewed by numerous automotive magazines during the course of its life ... were generally favourable if inconsistent concerning particularly the car's ride quality and appearance ... The new big Citroen has the finest suspension of any car yet made, as well as the most advanced” ...

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