What is cameo appearance?

Cameo Appearance

A cameo role or cameo appearance (/ˈkæmioʊ/; often shortened to just cameo) is a brief appearance of a known person in a work of the performing arts, such as plays, films, video games and television, sometimes appearing as themselves. These roles are generally small, many of them non-speaking ones, and are commonly either appearances in a work in which they hold some special significance (such as actors from an original movie appearing in its remake), or renowned people making uncredited appearances. Short appearances by celebrities, film directors, politicians, athletes, musicians or even characters from other fictional works are common. A cameo appearance can also include when a crew member of the show or movie plays a minor role. A cameo should not be confused with a guest appearance, being different in that guest appearances do acknowledge the person in question for who they are, be it by explicitly naming them or in the work's credits.

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Andrew Chaikin - Cameo Appearance
... the HBO series From the Earth to the Moon, Chaikin made a brief appearance in pseudo-documentary footage during episode 1 as the commentator of Meet the Press ...
Saturday Night Live (season 9) - Episodes
... Down." Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert make cameo appearances in which they critique the episode's sketches 2 ... Danny DeVito Rhea Perlman Eddy Grant October 15 ... Sexy + 17" and "I Won't Stand in Your Way", the latter of which featured a cameo appearance by 14 Karat Soul 5 ... Teri Garr Mick Fleetwood's Zoo Lindsey Buckingham November 12, 1983 Mick ... Tom Seaver and Ron Luciano make cameo appearances in the cold open and Luciano also appears in the autograph sketch 8 ... Flip Wilson Stevie Nicks ...
Cameo Appearance - History - Fictional Characters
... Homicide Life on the Street, made, among numerous other TV show crossovers, a small cameo appearance in the episode "Took" from the fifth and final season of The Wire ... Rutherford, and Margaret's husband Stringer Davis had a cameo role in The Alphabet Murders, a movie based on another of Christie's books and which featured Hercule Poirot ...
Lady Gaga - Filmography
... Days of Disco Stick" (Season 3, episode 10) Cameo appearance 2009-2011 Saturday Night Live Musical guest "Ryan Reynolds/Lady Gaga" (Season 35, episode 2) "Justin Timberlake/Lady Gaga" (Season 36 ... Special (Single or Multi-Camera) The Muppets Cameo appearance Deleted scene 2012 Men in Black 3 Alien on TV Monitors Cameo appearance Katy Perry Part of Me Herself ...
Saturday Night Live (season 1) - Episodes
... Valri Bromfield made a guest appearance ... from Nothing" and "Fancy Lady." Janis Ian performed "At Seventeen" and "In the Winter." First appearance of the Bees ... Comedian Andy Kaufman makes a cameo appearance ...

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