What is border control?

Border Control

Border controls are measures used by a country to monitor or regulate its borders.

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Malaysia–Singapore Border - Border Crossings - Johor-Singapore Causeway - Railway Crossing
... network, the checkpoint houses both Malaysian and Singaporean border control facilities ... Before 1998, both Malaysian and Singaporean border control facilities were co-located at the station ... post there, the official reason being improving border security ...
Border Control
... Border controls are measures used by a country to monitor or regulate its borders ... The control of the flow of many people, animals and goods across a border may be controlled by government customs services ... Security is enforced by various kinds of Border Guards and Coast Guards ...
List Of Former Sovereign States - Modern States - States and Territories Grouped By Geographical Location - North and Central America
... States and Great Britain, where the treaty description of the border was unclear ... By November 1846, the Californios had gained back control of all the territory south of San Francisco, leaving America in control of just San Diego and Monterey ... Political factions in the "border states" of Kentucky and Missouri declared themselves parts of the Confederacy and controlled small portions of those states early in the war ...
National Immigration Agency - History
... The agency was established in early 2007 to deal with immigration and border control ... include the care and guidance of new immigrants, t exit and entry control, the inspection on illegal immigrants, the forcible deportation, and the prevention of ... It was initially in charge of Taiwan’s border control for both military personnel and civilians respectively ...

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    I learn to affirm
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