What is Boeotia?

  • (noun): A district of ancient Greece northwest of Athens.


Boeotia, also spelled Beotia ( /biːˈoʊʃiə/ or /biːˈoʊʃə/; Greek: Βοιωτία, ; modern transliteration Voiotía, also Viotía, formerly Cadmeis), is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the region of Central Greece. It was also a region of ancient Greece. Its capital is Livadeia, the largest city being Thebes.

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Pederasty In Ancient Greece - Regional Characteristics - Boeotia
... In Thebes, the main polis in Boeotia, renowned for its practice of pederasty, the tradition was enshrined in the founding myth of the city ... The limited survival and cataloguing of pottery that can be proven to have been made in Boeotia diminishes the value of this evidence in ...
... may have been a district of ancient Boeotia, a region of Greece containing the mountains Helicon and Cithaeron, and thus sacred to the Muses, whom Ovid calls the Aonides ... Or Aonia may have been an early name for Boeotia as a whole ... The Greek poet Callimachus may have been the first to call Boeotia "Aonia" ...
Aetolian Campaign - Prelude
... of 60 ships, commanded by Nicias, was sent to attack first Melos and then Boeotia (resulting in the Battle of Tanagra) ... his army on the march by adding to it the men of Phocis, and attack Boeotia from the lightly defended western approach ... Furthermore, as Nicias was simultaneously engaging in operations in eastern Boeotia, Demosthenes may have considered the possibility of forcing the Boeotians to fight on two fronts ...