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... Blameless could refer to Blameless (band), a rock quartet formed in Sheffield, England, in 1993/94 Blameless (hip hop group), a hip hop and rock band from Jacksonville, Florida Blameless (novel), a ...
... In Greek mythology, Amymone (the "blameless" one) was a daughter of Danaus ... As the "blameless" Danaid, her name identifies her as, perhaps, identical to Hypermnestra ("great wooing" or "high marriage"), also the one Danaid who did not assassinate her Egyptian husband on their ... Library 2.1.5) Amymone, the blameless, was eventually reconciled with her father, and given in marriage to Lynceus, with whom she founded a race of kings that led ...
Gorgythion - Name and Description
... Iliad, Gorgythion is described as beautiful, and his epithet is the blameless ... Jane Ellen Harrison pointed out that "blameless" (άμύμων) was an epithet of the heroized dead, who were venerated and appeased at shrines ... In applying "blameless" to Gorgythion, then, the poet may have been reflecting a tradition of cult among his descendents, that was known to Homer or in the Homeric tradition ...
Corporate Election
... salvation to be based on "God choosing in Christ a people whom he destines to be holy and blameless in his sight." Put another way, "Election is the ...
Sian Elias - The Blameless Babes Speech
... In July 2009 Elias caused controversy with her Blameless Babes speech to the Wellington District Law Society ... We have to find out why blameless babes become criminals." ...

Famous quotes containing the word blameless:

    Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man who fears God and turns away from evil.
    Bible: Hebrew, Job 1:8.

    God to Satan.

    A soul that makes virtue its companion is like an over-flowing well, for it is clean and pellucid, sweet and wholesome, open to all, rich, blameless and indestructible.
    Epictetus (c. 50–120)

    [God] destroys both the blameless and the wicked.
    Bible: Hebrew, Job 9:22.