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Binge Drinking - Treatment
... and possible irreversible brain damage associated with binge drinking, urgent action has been recommended ... peer referral, can reduce the level of binge drinking ... motivational interventions have shown some benefit in reducing future binge drinking ...
Prevention - How To Reduce Dangerous Driving From Speeding
... Research now shows ways to reduce the intentions of people to binge drink or engage in dangerous driving ... People were shown ads talking of the harmful effects of binge drinking ... close friends as a sense of who they are were less likely to want to binge drink after seeing an ad featuring them and a close friend ...
Binge Drinking - Prevention - Reduction
... Research shows ways to reduce binge drinking or engage in dangerous driving ... Some computer-based intervention appear to reduce binge drinking, an example of which is "rethinking drinking" ... People were shown ads talking of the harmful effects of binge drinking ...
Binge Drinking - Society and Culture
... Binge drinking costs the UK economy approximately £20 billion a year 17 million working days are estimated to be lost due to hangovers and drink-related illness each year ... The cost of binge drinking to employers is estimated to be £6.4 billion and the cost per year of alcohol harm is estimated to cost the National ... action has been recommended to understand the binge drinking culture and its aetiology and pathogenesis and urgent action has been called for to educate people with regard to the dangers of binge drinking ...

More definitions of "binge":

  • (noun): An occasion for excessive eating or drinking.
    Synonyms: bust, tear, bout
  • (noun): Any act of immoderate indulgence.
    Example: "An emotional binge"
    Synonyms: orgy, splurge