What is begetter?

  • (noun): A male parent (also used as a term of address to your father).
    Synonyms: father, male parent

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Sonnet 126 - Mr. W. H.
... author of Shakespeare as Poet and Love and the Enigma of the Sonnets deems that the “onlie begetter (meaning inspiration of these ensuing sonnets) is the duke of Pembroke.” After ... Some critics (Ulric Nisbet The Onlie Begetter) played with the idea that the “begetter” could perhaps be the cousin of the Earl of Pembroke, coincidentally with the same ... Other young men have also been begetters of interest ...
Shakespeare's Sonnets - Dedication
... whoever he was, is identified as "the only begetter" of Shakespeare's Sonnets (whatever the word "begetter" is taken to mean) ... by reading 'onlie' as something like 'peerless', 'singular' and 'begetter' as 'maker', ie ... H.' the 'onlie begetter', i.e ...

Famous quotes containing the word begetter:

    And what I pity in you is something human,
    The old incurable untimeliness,
    Only begetter of all ills that are.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)