What is bankrupt?

  • (noun): Someone who has insufficient assets to cover their debts.
    Synonyms: insolvent
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Some articles on bankrupt:

Bane Tele - History
... same year BaneTele bought the remains of the bankrupt company Enitel which was created by numerous Norwegian electricity companies to build a national fibre network along the power grid ... Enitel went bankrupt in 2001 and the power grid network was merged with the railway network ... companies, thereby reinstating some of the ownership that was lost when Enitel went bankrupt ...
Paul Robinson (footballer Born November 1978) - Personal Life
... On 8 January 2007, Robinson was declared bankrupt at Sunderland County Court ... per month but had fallen behind with these repayments and did not oppose being made bankrupt ... spending, culminating in his being declared bankrupt shortly after he left Torquay United ...
Consumer Bankruptcy In Canada - Consequences of Bankruptcy
... Positive consequences Negative consequences Bankrupt is discharged from all or a significant part of the existing debts and is able to make a "fresh start ... negatively influence bankrupt’s credibility in the credit granting community Bankrupt loses part of any surplus income and all property received before his discharge, and is ... fraud, child support) Bankrupt has duties to perform before the discharge, and, if the discharge is conditional, some duties to perform afterwards depending on the ...
List Of East Enders Characters (2000) - Others
... Peter Hamilton-Dyer Ian Beale's solicitor when he is declared bankrupt ... a piece of advice Ian ignores, which leads to him eventually being declared bankrupt ... housing association interested in buying the flats Ian Beale is having built, until he is declared bankrupt ...
Craig McDermott - Bankrupt
... McDermott/Maxen allegedly owed more than $40,000,000, including $22,000,000 to Bridgecorp, $10,000,000 to City Pacific and $121,000 to architect Lachlan Henderson, while former delivery driver Terrence O'Brien and his wife Janice alleged that McDermott used $625,000 that was invested in the company for "personal purposes" ... On 12 June, Craig McDermott filed for bankruptcy ...

More definitions of "bankrupt":

  • (adj): Financially ruined.
    Example: "A bankrupt company"
    Synonyms: belly-up

Famous quotes containing the word bankrupt:

    The more I live here in western Europe, the more I am impressed by the sense of decay;Mnot the graceful and dignified decay of an oriental, but the vulgar and sordid decay of a bankrupt cotton-mill.
    Henry Brooks. Adams (1838–1918)

    Reviewers, with some rare exceptions, are a most stupid and malignant race. As a bankrupt thief turns thief-taker in despair, so an unsuccessful author turns critic.
    Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792–1822)

    In my experience, persons, when they are made the subject of conversation, though with a Friend, are commonly the most prosaic and trivial of facts. The universe seems bankrupt as soon as we begin to discuss the character of individuals. Our discourse all runs to slander, and our limits grow narrower as we advance. How is it that we are impelled to treat our old Friends so ill when we obtain new ones?
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)