What is assimilate?

  • (verb): Become similar to one's environment.
    Example: "Immigrants often want to assimilate quickly"
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Korean Phonology - Consonant Assimilation
... Fortis and nasal stops are unaffected by either environment, though /n/ assimilates to /l/ after an /l/ ... /l/ is highly affected it becomes after all consonants but /n/ (which assimilates to the /l/ instead) or another /l/ ... Korean also has regressive (anticipatory) assimilation a consonant tends to assimilate in manner but not in place of articulation Obstruents become nasal stops before nasal stops (which, as just noted ...
List Of Fictional Assimilating Races - In Computer and Video Games
... They assimilate humans into the Omar (though this is usually voluntary) ... The Zerg from the game StarCraft are an insectoid race that assimilate (usually referred to in-game as "infesting") or destroy every race that they come into ... Their attempt to overpower and assimilate the Protoss forms a major part of the storyline of the game ...
Bites (album) - Track Listing
... Original release (Canada - 15ntwk) No ... Title Length 1 ...
Pali - Sanskrit - Consonants - Assimilations - Regressive Assimilations
... Nasals sometimes assimilate to a preceding stop (in other cases epenthesis occurs) Examples agni → aggi, ātman → atta, prāpnoti → pappoti, śaknoti ...
Esperanto Phonology - Allophonic Variation - Assimilation
... question almost never arises as to whether the m in emfazi should remain bilabial or should assimilate to labiodental f, as this assimilation is nearly universal in human language ... despite the fact that Zamenhof recognized that the k may assimilate to the z for, as in Slavic, English, French, and many other languages ... egzismo itself.) In practice, most Esperanto speakers assimilate both kz to and nk to when speaking fluently ...

More definitions of "assimilate":

  • (verb): Become similar in sound.
    Example: "The nasal assimialates to the following consonant"
  • (verb): Take (gas, light or heat) into a solution.
    Synonyms: imbibe
  • (verb): Make similar.
    Example: "This country assimilates immigrants very quickly"