What is argia?



Argia is a genus of damselflies of the family Coenagrionidae and of the subfamily Argiinae. It is a diverse genus which contains about 114 species and many more to be described. It is also the largest genus in Argiinae. They are found in the Western Hemisphere. They are commonly known as Dancers. Although the genus name comes from Ancient Greek: ἀργία argia "laziness", dancers are quite active and alert damselflies. The bluer Argia species may be confused with Enallagma species.

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Argia - Species
... The genus includes the following species Argia adamsi Calvert, 1902 Argia agrioides Calvert, 1895 - California Dancer Argia alberta Kennedy, 1918 - Paiute Dancer Argia albistigma Hagen in Selys, 1865 ...