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Donor Advised Fund - Regulation
... tax law allows the donor of appreciated securities or other assets to get a tax deduction for the market value of the donation and avoid capital gains taxes ... This double tax advantage can make donating appreciated assets to a charitable organization more attractive than selling the assets and donating cash ... By donating appreciated assets to a donor advised fund and then advising the fund to make donations to several charities, one can reap these tax advantages without the hassle ...
Mushaira - Forms
... encouraging calls of wah wah at the end of appreciated couplets ... If a couplet is particularly appreciated, there may be calls for the poet to repeat it, or the audience might spontaneously repeat it themselves ... latter is done when a poet's first couplet is appreciated ...
Guitar Hero 5 - Reception
... Reviewers greatly appreciated the new features in the game to make it easier to jump in and play music, from the simplification of the menu system to the availability ... Reviewers appreciated the immediate launch of the game's Party Mode once the player put the disk in the system and the ability to jump right into that song through the new menus, and ... instrument or difficulty throughout, was well appreciated ...
S Corporation - Taxation Issues - Conversion From C Corporation
... very common with uncollected accounts receivable or appreciated real estate ... if an S corporation that was formerly a C corporation sells an appreciated asset (such as real estate) and the appreciation occurred during the time ...
United States V. Davis
... casebooks) for the following holding Husband's transfer of appreciated stock to his wife, pursuant to property settlement agreement executed prior to divorce, constituted a taxable event ... that a taxpayer recognizes a gain on the transfer of appreciated property in satisfaction of a legal obligation ... rule—that "a taxpayer recognizes a gain on the transfer of appreciated property in satisfaction of a legal obligation." ...

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    He knew that he was precisely what he himself would have chosen to be had God consulted him on the subject of his birth; he fully appreciated and approved what had been bestowed, and realized that he couldn’t have done the job better himself, in fact he would not have changed a single item.
    Michéal MacLiammóir (1899–1978)

    I looked at my daughters, and my boyhood picture, and appreciated the gift of parenthood, at that moment, more than any other gift I have ever been given. For what person, except one’s own children, would want so deeply and sincerely to have shared your childhood? Who else would think your insignificant and petty life so precious in the living, so rich in its expressiveness, that it would be worth partaking of what you were, to understand what you are?
    Gerald Early (20th century)

    The reader uses his eyes as well as or instead of his ears and is in every way encouraged to take a more abstract view of the language he sees. The written or printed sentence lends itself to structural analysis as the spoken does not because the reader’s eye can play back and forth over the words, giving him time to divide the sentence into visually appreciated parts and to reflect on the grammatical function.
    J. David Bolter (b. 1951)