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Don Muang Royal Thai Air Force Base - USAF Use During The Vietnam War - USAF Advisory Units - 35th Tactical Group
... In November 1962 the 2nd Air Division assumed control of the 6010th TAC Group ... The 35th TAC group consisted of the following units 35th Air Base Squadron - Located at Don Muang. 331st Air Base Squadron - Located at Takhli RTAFB ...
Sondrestrom Air Base - History - Base Operating Units
417th Base HQ Air Base Squadron, 26 September 1942 1385th Army Air Force Base Unit, 1 October 1945 1004th Air Base Squadron (redesignated 1234th Air Base Squadron, 1 October 1948), 1 June 1948 Greenland ...
Thule Air Base - History - Major Air Units Assigned
6622d Air Base Squadron, July 20, 1951 Redesignated 6612th Air Base Group, January 1, 1952 Redesignated 6607th Air Base Wing, June 1, 1954 – April 1, 1957 318th Fighter ... from 509th Bombardment Wing, Walker AFB, New Mexico 96th Air Refueling Squadron, July 13, 1955 – September 14, 1955 Detached from 96th Bombardment Wing, Altus AFB, Oklahoma 26th Air Refueling. 40th Bombardment Wing, Smoky Hill AFB, Kansas 340th Air Refueling Squadron, October 29, 1956 – December 30, 1956 Detached from 340th Bombardment Wing, Whiteman AFB ...
... Antiprisms are similar to prisms except the bases are twisted relative to each other, and that the side faces are triangles, rather than quadrilaterals ... In the case of a regular n-sided base, one usually considers the case where its copy is twisted by an angle 180°/n ... is obtained by the line connecting the base centers being perpendicular to the base planes, making it a right antiprism ...

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    Well gentlemen, this is it. This is what we’ve been waiting for. Tonight your target is Tokyo. And you’re gonna play ‘em the Star Spangled Banner with two-ton bombs. All you’ve got to do is to remember what you’ve learned and follow your squadron leaders. They’ll get you in, and they’ll get you out. Any questions? All right that’s all. Good luck to you. Give ‘em hell.
    Dudley Nichols (1895–1960)

    That air would disappear from the whole earth in time, perhaps; but long after his day. He did not know just when it had become so necessary to him, but he had come back to die in exile for the sake of it. Something soft and wild and free, something that whispered to the ear on the pillow, lightened the heart, softly, softly picked the lock, slid the bolts, and released the prisoned spirit of man into the wind, into the blue and gold, into the morning, into the morning!
    Willa Cather (1873–1947)

    The base of all artistic genius is the power of conceiving humanity in a new, striking, rejoicing way, of putting a happy world of its own creation in place of the meaner world of common days, of generating around itself an atmosphere with a novel power of refraction, selecting, transforming, recombining the images it transmits, according to the choice of the imaginative intellect. In exercising this power, painting and poetry have a choice of subject almost unlimited.
    Walter Pater (1839–1894)