What is age regression?

Age Regression

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Age Regression
... Age regression could refer to Ageplay Age regression in therapy. ...
Michael Newton (hypnotist) - Journey of Souls
... published in 1994, in which he introduced his own technique in the area of "age regression" therapy ... It documents the results of his 35 years of interviews of age regression case studies ... through the spirit worlds through ongoing age regression sessions, these subjects have recalled and revealed their past life experiences and their journey through the spirit world ...
Age Regression In Therapy
... Age regression in therapy is the increased access to childhood memories, thoughts and feelings as a part of the psychotherapeutic process ... Age regression is an aspect of a number of psychotherapies i.e ... Age progression is sometimes employed in hypnotherapy as well, allowing the patient to project themselves forward to see a desired outcome or the consequences of their current ...
Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy - Controversy
... It is also suggested that the therapy appears to use age regression techniques to bring about such recapitulation - a feature of attachment therapy not congruent with attachment theory ... Hughes 1997 book "Facilitating Developmental Attachment", which contains a section on the use of age regression, as a source document for dyadic developmental psychotherapy ... paradigm and indeed specifically cites Becker-Weidman for, amongst other things, the use of age regression, though not for coercive or restraining ...

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