What is acquire?

  • (verb): Come into the possession of something concrete or abstract.
    Synonyms: get
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Acquire is a board game designed by Sid Sackson. The game was originally published in 1962 by 3M as a part of their bookshelf games series. In most versions, the theme of the game is investing in hotel chains. In the 1990s Hasbro edition, the hotel chains were replaced by generic corporations, though the actual gameplay was unchanged. The game is currently published by Hasbro under the Avalon Hill brand, and the companies are once again hotel chains.

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Some articles on acquire:

Cowles Publishing Company - Television
... California Media Company planned to acquire two CBS affiliate television stations for USD $41 million from Newport Television, one of the holding companies formed by Providence ... and Santa Cruz, California, and would acquire two low power stations, KKFX-CA, also Fox in San Luis Obispo, California and the Telemundo affiliate KMUV-LP in Monterey ...
NHL Trade Deadline - 2006–07 NHL Season
... The San Jose Sharks acquire forward Bill Guerin from the St ... The Detroit Red Wings acquire forward Todd Bertuzzi from the Florida Panthers for forward Shawn Matthias and a conditional draft pick ... Louis Blues acquire forward Brad Boyes from the Boston Bruins for defenceman Dennis Wideman ...
Acquire - Online Play
... Acquire is playable online through the GameTable Online site. ...
Possession And Acquisition Licence - History
... Whereas the FAC was only required to acquire a firearm, a PAL is required to both acquire and possess firearms and to acquire ammunition ... A PAL for non-restricted firearms allows its holders to acquire and possess any non-restricted firearm, while a PAL for restricted firearms (which also covers prohibited firearms to those eligible) allows ... implemented, the PAL also allowed the holder to acquire a cross-bow, although no licence was required to possess one ...
Virtual Good - Capital
... This power allows the user, usually, to acquire more rare and valuable items ... Players also acquire human capital as they become more powerful ... Powerful guilds often recruit powerful players so that player can acquire better items which can only be acquired by the cooperation among many players ...

More definitions of "acquire":

  • (verb): Come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes).
    Synonyms: grow, develop, produce, get
  • (verb): Acquire or gain knowledge or skills.
    Example: "Children acquire language at an amazing rate"
    Synonyms: learn, larn
  • (verb): Locate (a moving entity) by means of a tracking system such as radar.
  • (verb): Win something through one's efforts.
    Synonyms: win, gain

Famous quotes containing the word acquire:

    Have we no culture, no refinement,—but skill only to live coarsely and serve the Devil?—to acquire a little worldly wealth, or fame, or liberty, and make a false show with it, as if we were all husk and shell, with no tender and living kernel to us? Shall our institutions be like those chestnut burs which contain abortive nuts, perfect only to prick the fingers?
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Looks to me as if you’re trying to acquire a reputation as a lone wolf, Prewitt. You should know that in the Army, it’s not the individual that counts.
    Daniel Taradash (b. 1913)

    The real price of everything, what everything really costs to the man who wants to acquire it, is the toil and trouble of acquiring it.
    Adam Smith (1723–1790)