What are Tremella fuciformis?

  • (noun): Popular in China and Japan and Taiwan; gelatinous mushrooms; most are dried.
    Synonyms: snow mushroom

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Tremella Fuciformis - Taxonomy and Naming
... Tremella fuciformis was first described in 1856 by English mycologist Miles Joseph Berkeley, based on collections made in Brazil by the botanist and explorer Richard Spruce ... research, however, showed that the fruit bodies were those of Tremella fuciformis parasitized by an ascomycete, Ceratocystis epigloeum, that formed the dark spines ... fuciformis ...
Tremella Fuciformis
... Tremella fuciformis is a species of fungus producing white, frond-like, gelatinous basidiocarps (fruit bodies) ... Tremella fuciformis has been given the common names snow fungus, silver ear fungus or white jelly mushroom ... Tremella fuciformis is a parasitic yeast, and grows as a slimy, mucous-like film until it encounters its preferred hosts, various species of Annulohypoxylon (or possibly Hypoxylon) fungi ...
Hypoxylon - Use in The Cultivation of Tremella Fuciformis
... Some species in the Hypoxylon genus may be used in the cultivation of Tremella fuciformis, one of the foremost medicinal and culinary fungi of China and Taiwan ... Tremella fuciformis is a parasitic yeast that does not form an edible fruitbody without parasitizing another fungus ... Cultivators usually pair cultures of Tremella fuciformis with this species, but mushroom cultivation books written before the new genus was created suggest other Hypoxylon ...