What are synkinesis?


Synkinesis is the result from miswiring of nerves after trauma. This result is manifested through involuntary muscular movements accompanying voluntary movements. For example, voluntary smiling will induce an involuntary contraction of the eye muscles causing the eye to squint when the subject smiles.

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Synkinesis - Treatment - Botox
... Botox is a new and versatile tool for the treatment for synkinesis ... on patients with post-facial palsy synkinesis to reduce unwanted movements ... A more specific synkinesis, crocodile tears syndrome (hyperlacrimation upon eating), has been shown to respond exceedingly well to botox injection ...
Marcus Gunn Phenomenon - Pathophysiology
... It has been postulated that the synkinesis is due to damage to cranial nerve nuclei, caused by peripheral nerve injury and the nuclear lesion releases evolutionarily older ... There are two major groups of trigemino-oculomotor synkineses 1) External pterygoid-levator synkinesis is when the eyelid raises upon Jaw thrust to opposite ...