What are Republic of Cyprus?

  • (noun): A country on the island of Cyprus; 80% of the people are of Greek origin and 20% or Turkish origin.
    Synonyms: Cyprus

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... Moldova i/mɔːlˈdoʊvə/, officially the Republic of Moldova (Moldovan/Romanian Republica Moldova ) is a landlocked nation in Eastern Europe located between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east ... with the same boundaries as the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1991 as part of the dissolution of the Soviet Union ... The nation is a parliamentary republic with a president as head of state and a prime minister as head of government ...
Cypriot Annan Plan Referendums, 2004 - Campaign - Republic of Cyprus
... Political leaders in the Republic of Cyprus and Greece strongly opposed the plan ... Tassos Papadopoulos, president of the Republic of Cyprus, spoke out against the plan in an speech broadcast live on television ... Two days before the referendums, Cyprus's biggest party, Progressive Party of Working People, decided to reject the Annan Plan ...
Foreign Relations Of Northern Cyprus - Disputes - Republic of Cyprus
... The internationally recognized government of the Republic of Cyprus refuses to give any official status to the government of the TRNC, and actively ... The government of the Republic of Cyprus regards the TRNC in such terms as "illegitimate entity", "Turkish military occupied territory" and "a puppet state of Turkey" ... Phraseology such as "pseudo" or "so-called" are used by the Cyprus Government to describe government officials and institutions in the TRNC ...
Republic - Other Meanings - United States
... A distinct set of definitions for the word republic evolved in the United States ... In common parlance a republic is a state that does not practice direct democracy but rather has a government indirectly controlled by the people ... by Machiavelli and did not exist in the classical republics ...

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    Universal empire is the prerogative of a writer. His concerns are with all mankind, and though he cannot command their obedience, he can assign them their duty. The Republic of Letters is more ancient than monarchy, and of far higher character in the world than the vassal court of Britain.
    Thomas Paine (1737–1809)

    Our great Republic is a government of laws and not of men. Here, the people rule.
    Gerald R. Ford (b. 1913)