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... of files Merging of two or more input sources Use of colors when displaying the log files (through regular expressions), to distinguish important information ... Filtering of lines (through regular expressions) Interactive menus for editing regular expressions and for deleting and adding windows ...
C++11 - C++ Standard Library Changes - Regular Expressions
... the new header , is made of a couple of new classes regular expressions are represented by instance of the template class stdregex occurrences are ... The algorithms stdregex_search and stdregex_replace take a regular expression and a string and write the occurrences found in the struct stdmatch_results ...
List Of PSPACE-complete Problems - Automata and Language Theory - Formal Languages
... Word problem for Context-sensitive language · Regular language intersection · Regular expression star freeness · Equivalence problem for regular expressions ... · Equivalence problem for star-free regular expressions with squaring ... grammars · Structural equivalence for linear grammars · Equivalence problem for Regular grammars · Emptiness problem for ET0L grammars · Word problem for ET0L grammars · Tree transducer language ...
Perl Compatible Regular Expressions - Features
... In POSIX regular expressions, sometimes backslashes escaped non-alpha-numerics (e.g ... For example \d matches any digit exactly as ] would in POSIX regular expressions ... Named subpatterns are a feature that PCRE adopted from Python regular expressions ...
Kodos Python Regular Expression Debugger
... Kodos is a FLOSS (GNU GPL) regular expression debugger written in Python, developed by Phil Schwartz ... Because Python conforms to the Perl Compatible Regular Expressions standard for its regular expressions, Kodos can be used for debugging regular expressions for any other language that conforms ...

Famous quotes containing the words expressions and/or regular:

    Preschoolers think and talk in concrete, literal terms. When they hear a phrase such as “losing your temper,” they may wonder where the lost temper can be found. Other expressions they may hear in times of crisis—raising your voice, crying your eyes out, going to pieces, falling apart, picking on each other, you follow in your father’s footsteps—may be perplexing.
    Ruth Formanek (20th century)

    He hung out of the window a long while looking up and down the street. The world’s second metropolis. In the brick houses and the dingy lamplight and the voices of a group of boys kidding and quarreling on the steps of a house opposite, in the regular firm tread of a policeman, he felt a marching like soldiers, like a sidewheeler going up the Hudson under the Palisades, like an election parade, through long streets towards something tall white full of colonnades and stately. Metropolis.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)