What are quantum chromodynamics?

  • (noun): A theory of strong interactions between elementary particles (including the interaction that binds protons and neutrons in the nucleus); it assumes that strongly interacting particles (hadrons) are made of quarks and that gluons bind the quarks together.
    Synonyms: QCD

Quantum Chromodynamics

In theoretical physics, quantum chromodynamics (QCD) is a theory of the strong interaction (color force), a fundamental force describing the interactions between quarks and gluons which make up hadrons (such as the proton, neutron or pion). It is the study of the SU(3) Yang–Mills theory of color-charged fermions (the quarks). QCD is a quantum field theory of a special kind called a non-abelian gauge theory, consisting of a 'color field' mediated by a set of exchange particles (the gluons). The theory is an important part of the Standard Model of particle physics. A huge body of experimental evidence for QCD has been gathered over the years.

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Sakurai Prize - Prize Recipients
... high energy experiments to extract precise information about Quantum Chromodynamics, electroweak interactions and possible new physics." 2011 Chris Quigg ... Keith Ellis "For work in perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics, including applications to problems pivotal to the interpretation of high energy particle ... of the heavy quark mass expansion and the discovery of the heavy quark symmetry in quantum chromodynamics, which led to a quantitative theory of the decays of c and b ...
Quantum Chromodynamics - Cross-relations To Solid State Physics
... There is also a correspondence between confinement in QCD - the fact that the color-field is only different from zero in the interior of hadrons - and the behaviour of the usual magnetic field in the theory of type-II superconductors there the magnetism is confined to the interiour of the Abrikosov flux-line lattice, i.e ... the London penetration depth λ of that theory is analogous to the confinement radius Rc of quantum chromodynamics ...
Kwork - Properties - Strong Interaction and Color Charge
... The theory that describes strong interactions is called quantum chromodynamics (QCD) ... that relates the color charge in quarks and is the defining symmetry for quantum chromodynamics ... to a new orientation, the physics of quantum chromodynamics is independent of which directions in three-dimensional color space are identified as blue, red, and green ...
String Theory - Testability and Experimental Predictions - Predictions - Quantum Chromodynamics
... and its study has led to new insights on quantum chromodynamics, a gauge theory, which is the fundamental theory of the strong nuclear force ... To this end, it is hoped that a gravitational theory dual to quantum chromodynamics will be found ... heavy-ion collisions the physics, however, is strictly that of standard quantum chromodynamics, which has been quantitatively modeled by lattice QCD methods with good results ...

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