What are primal cards?

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Dou Di Zhu - Illegal Play With The Kicker
... Beginners and players who are familiar with some other card games with similar but different hand's rules often misinterpret some of the rules that involve the Kicker causing ... Dual Solo = Pair Four /w Dual Solo 3-3-3-3 /w J-J Dual Solo must consist of two cards with different ranks, such as J-K ... Dual Pair = 4 Cards of the Same Rank Four /w Dual Pair 3-3-3-3 /w J-J-J-J Dual Pair must consist of two sets of pairs of different ranks, such as 3-3-7-7 ...

Famous quotes containing the words cards and/or primal:

    Oft have I played at cards and dice,
    Because they were so enticing;
    But this is a sad and sorrowful day
    To see my apron rising.
    Unknown. The Rantin Laddie (l. 1–4)

    The system was breaking down. The one who had wandered alone past so many happenings and events began to feel, backing up along the primal vein that led to his center, the beginning of hiccup that would, if left to gather, explode the center to the extremities of life, the suburbs through which one makes one’s way to where the country is.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)