What are naval forces?

  • (noun): An organization of military naval forces.
    Synonyms: navy

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Latvian Naval Forces - Structure of Naval Forces
... Naval Forces Headquarters Naval Forces Flotilla Headquarters MCM Squadron (Mine Counter Measure) Patrol Boat Squadron Sea Surveillance and Communication ...
List Of USSR Navy Flags - Flags of Officials - Flags of Commanders-in-chief of The Navy
27.05.1935 Flag of the commander of the Soviet Union’s naval forces 27.05.1935 — 07.12.1938 Flag of inspector of the naval forces of Workers' and Peasants' Red Army 07.12.1938. 07.12.1938 — 16.11.1950 Flag of chief of the Main Naval Staff of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army’s Navy 16.11.1950 — 21.04.1964 Flag of chief of the Naval General Staff 21.04.1964 ...
List Of United States Navy People - Groups
... Leadership Secretary of the Navy Under Secretary of the Navy Chief of Naval Operations Vice Chief of Naval Operations Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy 4-star admirals House ...
AFRICOM - Components - U.S. Naval Forces, Africa (NAVAF)
... Naval Forces Europe-Commander, U.S ... Naval Forces Africa (NAVEUR-NAVAF) area of responsibility (AOR) covers approximately half of the Atlantic Ocean, from the North Pole to Antarctica as well as the Adriatic, Baltic, Barents, Black ...
Latvian Naval Forces
... Latvian Naval Forces (Latvian Latvijas Jūras Spēki) is a branch of the National Armed Forces tasked with conducting military and rescue operations at sea ... The Naval Forces have participated in international NATO/Partnership for Peace operations and various exercises with great success ...

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    It is now time to stop and to ask ourselves the question which my last commanding officer, Admiral Hyman Rickover, asked me and every other young naval officer who serves or has served in an atomic submarine. For our Nation M for all of us M that question is, “Why not the best?”
    Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.)