What are national wildlife refuges?

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Monroe County, Florida - Municipalities and Unincorporated Areas - National Wildlife Refuges
... Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge Key West National Wildlife Refuge National Key Deer Refuge ...
Washington (state) - Geography - Federal Land, Reservations and International Recognition - National Wildlife Refuges
23 National Wildlife Refuges are located (at least partly) in Washington including Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge Nisqually ...
Luther Goldman
... Luther Chase Goldman (1909–2005) was an American naturalist and wildlife photographer ... Fish and Wildlife Service ... of the Bureau of Biological Survey of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service ...
Wildlife - Media
... Wildlife has long been a common subject for educational television shows ... National Geographic specials appeared on CBS beginning in 1965, later moving to ABC and then PBS ... The BBC natural history unit in the UK was a similar pioneer, the first wildlife series LOOK presented by Sir Peter Scott, was a studio-based show, with filmed inserts ...

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    Russian forests crash down under the axe, billions of trees are dying, the habitations of animals and birds are layed waste, rivers grow shallow and dry up, marvelous landscapes are disappearing forever.... Man is endowed with creativity in order to multiply that which has been given him; he has not created, but destroyed. There are fewer and fewer forests, rivers are drying up, wildlife has become extinct, the climate is ruined, and the earth is becoming ever poorer and uglier.
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