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Sayre Fire - Impact of The Fire - Devastation At Oakridge Mobile Home Park
... In the pre-dawn hours on November 15, 2008, the fire devastated the Oakridge Mobile Home Park, destroying 480 of the park's 600 mobile homes ... That's how hot the fire was." Firefighters rescued several individuals from their mobile homes, and four civilians rescued a 300-pound disabled woman, who was trapped in her mobile home ... initially expressed concern that some elderly residents might have perished at the mobile home park, cadaver-sniffing dogs searched the ruins and found no evidence ...
List Of May 1995 Tornado Outbreak Sequence Tornadoes - Confirmed Tornadoes - May 18, 1995
... blown down F2 NW of Bondville Mercer, Woodford 1 ... miles (1.6 km) Homes were demolished F2 W of Morehead Rowan 2 ... miles (3.2 km) Damage mostly to trees F1 NE of Ovil ... F2 NE of Hardinsburg Breckinridge 1 ... miles (1.6 km) Some homes were damaged as did the roof of a McDonald's and a Kroger's F0 E of Edmonton Metcalfe 2204 1 ... destroyed Tennessee F1 NE of White Bluff Dickson 1 ... miles (1.6 km) One home was destroyed because of two fallen trees and nine others were damaged F2 Goodlettsville to Gallatin Davidson, Sumner 1730 15 ...
List Of 1998 Nashville Tornado Outbreak Tornadoes - Confirmed Tornadoes - April 15 Event
... Nine homes sustained major damage and several mobile homes were overturned ... Woods Marion 4 ... miles (6.4 km) Several homes were damaged while several farm buildings and two mobile homes were destroyed ... F1 SW of Greendale Marion 9 ... miles (14.4 km) 8 homes were damaged, one mobile homes and several barns and farm buildings were destroyed or heavily damaged ...
Hurricane Danny (1985) - Impact
... to the American Red Cross that 33 single family homes and 26 mobile homes were destroyed, with 454 one family houses and 175 mobile homes received extensive damage ... Minor damage was record in 3 condos, 90 mobile homes, and 454 single family homes ... Twenty-seven single family residences and 18 mobile homes were destroyed ...
Big Bay Dam
... A damage assessment indicated that, within Lamar County, 26 homes were destroyed, 8 homes had major damage, 8 homes had minor damage, 25 mobile homes were ... In Marion County, 1 home was destroyed, 13 homes had major damage, 12 homes had minor damage, 1 mobile home was destroyed, 3 mobile homes had major damage, 3 mobile homes had minor damage, Pine Burr Church ...

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    There is the rich quarter, with its houses of pink and white, and
    its crumbling, leafy terraces.
    There is the poorer quarter, its homes a deep blue.
    There is the market, where men are selling hats and swatting flies
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

    From three to six months, most babies have settled down enough to be fun but aren’t mobile enough to be getting into trouble. This is the time to pay some attention to your relationship again. Otherwise, you may spend the entire postpartum year thinking you married the wrong person and overlooking the obvious—that parenthood can create rough spots even in the smoothest marriage.
    Anne Cassidy (20th century)