What are mental schemas?

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Emotional Selection
... sleep with content that is tentatively accommodated by mental schemas ... Because schemas coexist as a network, accommodations can introduce accidental, maladaptive conflicts and therefore are ideally tested prior to full integration ... If schema accommodations performed during prior non-REM dreams alleviate anxiety, frustration, sadness, or in other ways appear emotionally adaptive during REM dream tests, they would be selected for retention ...

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    A major misunderstanding of child rearing has been the idea that meeting a child’s needs is an end in itself, for the purpose of the child’s mental health. Mothers have not understood that this is but one step in social development, the goal of which is to help a child begin to consider others. As a result, they often have not considered their children but have instead allowed their children’s reality to take precedence, out of a fear of damaging them emotionally.
    Elaine Heffner (20th century)