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Silanes - Physical Properties - Melting Point
... The melting points of the silanes follow a similar trend to boiling points for the same reason as outlined above ... equal) the larger the molecule the higher the melting point ... There is one significant difference between boiling points and melting points ...
Periodic Table (crystal Structure) - Usual Crystal Structures - Trends in Melting Point
... Melting points are chosen as a simple, albeit crude, measure of the stability or strength of the metallic lattice ... Firstly the transition metals have generally higher melting points than the others ... (group 1) and alkaline earth metals (group 2) the melting point decreases as atomic number increases, but in the transition metals the melting points if anything increase ...
Cis–trans Isomerism - In Organic Chemistry - Comparison of Physical Properties
... Elaidic acid These differences can be very small, as in the case of the boiling point of straight-chain alkenes, such as 2-pentene, which is 37°C in the cis isomer and 36°C ... The cis isomer in this case has a boiling point of 60.3°C, while the trans isomer has a boiling point of 47.5°C ... forces (or Keesom forces) which add to the London dispersion forces and raise the boiling point ...
Solar System - Structure and Composition
... the Sun is called its perihelion, while its most distant point from the Sun is called its aphelion ... by heat and light pressure, are composed of elements with high melting points ... Objects farther from the Sun are composed largely of materials with lower melting points ...
Liquid Crystal - History
... when cooling cholesterol derivatives just above the freezing point, but had not associated it with a new phenomenon ... that cholesteryl benzoate does not melt in the same manner as other compounds, but has two melting points ... by Otto Lehmann in 1904) the existence of two melting points, the reflection of circularly polarized light, and the ability to rotate the polarization direction of light ...

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