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List Of Minor Characters In The Tick - Live Action Series - Supervillains
... comic book) Other publications TV The Tick (animated series, 1994) The Tick (live action series, 2001) Other The Tick (video game) Merchandise ...
List Of Sailor Moon Characters - Luna, Artemis, and Diana - Artemis
... the anime, Episode 1 of the dubbed anime, and Act 11 of the live-action series ... fact, before appearing in the Sailor Moon series he guides her through the Sailor V video game at the arcade, but not revealing his true identity (and giving the codename "Central ... He has green eyes in the manga and live-action series, but blue eyes in the anime ...
John W. Hyde - Filmography - Television Series
... Masters Of Science Fiction (2007), Executive Producer, ABC (Live Action Series) ... Painkiller Jane, Executive Producer, Sci-Fi Channel (Live Action Series) ... Masters Of Horror (2005–2007), Executive Producer, Showtime (Live Action Series) ...
Klein–Gordon Equation - Action
... The Klein–Gordon equation can also be derived from the following action where is the Klein–Gordon field and is its mass ...

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    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Therefore all just persons are satisfied with their own praise. They refuse to explain themselves, and are content that new actions should do them that office. They believe that we communicate without speech, and above speech, and that no right action of ours is quite unaffecting to our friends, at whatever distance; for the influence of action is not to be measured by miles.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)