What are Junin virus?

  • (noun): The RNA virus that causes Argentine hemorrhagic fever; carried by rats and mice.

Junin Virus

The Junin virus virion is enveloped with a variable diameter of between 50 and 300 nm. The surface of the particle encompasses a layer of T-shaped glycoprotein extensions, extending up to 10 nm from the envelope, which are important for mediating attachment and entry into host cells.

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Junin Virus - Epidemiology and Disease
... A member of the genus Arenavirus, Junin virus characteristically causes Argentine hemorrhagic fever (AHF) ... Since the discovery of the Junin virus in 1958, the geographical distribution of the pathogen, although still confined to Argentina, has risen ... At the time of discovery, Junin virus was confined to an area of around 15,000 kmĀ² ...

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