What are international socialists?

International Socialists

International Socialists is the name of a number of Trotskyist organizations.

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International Socialists (United States)
... The International Socialists (1968–1986) was a Third Camp Trotskyist group in the United States ... the SP-SDF and YPSL left with 16 members to found the Independent Socialist Club led by Hal Draper and Joel Geier ... At first it consisted mainly of ex-Independent Socialist League members who had disagreed with the decision to merge the ISL into the Socialist Party-Social Democratic Federation in ...
International Socialists (Denmark)
... The International Socialists (Danish Internationale Socialister) is a Trotskyist organisation in Denmark ... IS was set up in 1984 as split from the Left Socialists ... It is part of the International Socialist Tendency led the by the British Socialist Workers Party ...
International Socialists
... International Socialists is the name of a number of Trotskyist organizations ... Most organisations using this name are in the International Socialist Tendency ... They are International Socialists (Denmark) (Internationale Socialister) (Denmark) International Socialists (Sweden) (Internationella Socialister) (Sweden) International Socialists (Norway) (Internasjonale ...
Socialist Party Scotland
... The Socialist Party Scotland (formerly International Socialists) is the Scottish platform of the Committee for a Workers' International in Solidarity (Scotland) ... the Scottish Militant Labour which formed the Scottish Socialist Alliance in 1996 after a debate amongst CWI members in Scotland on what sort of organization to ... with the CWI but within which Scottish Militant Labour, renamed the International Socialist Movement took a leading role ...
International Socialists (Canada) - Early History
... in the Movement for an Independent Socialist Canada (better known as the Waffle), which had been forced to leave the social democratic New Democratic Party in 1972 ... study group, and came into contact with left-Shachtmanites in the International Socialists (USA), an American group founded by Hal Draper ... in late 1974, the group organized itself as the Independent Socialists in February 1975 ...

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