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Laura Mersini-Houghton - Research
... universe start from such an incredibly low entropy state? Can we test the origins of the universe with our current ground and space based experiments? If cosmology is embedded in a richer structure, the multiverse ... This theory takes into account the out of equilibrium dynamics in the initial states and it includes decoherence among the various wavefunctions ... The derived probability distribution results in states of high energy inflation being the most probable initial condition to start a universe ...
Powerset Construction - Construction
... The powerset construction applies most directly to an NFA that does not allow state transformations without consuming input symbols (aka "ε-moves") ... Such an automaton may be defined as a 5-tuple (Q, Σ, T, q0, F), in which Q is the set of states, Σ is the set of input symbols, T is the transition function (mapping a state and an input symbol to a set of ... The corresponding DFA has states corresponding to subsets of Q ...
Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II - Development - Program Cost Increases and Further Delays
... aircraft, if problems are discovered." The United States Air Force (USAF) budget data in 2010, along with other sources, projects the F-35 to have a flyaway cost ... a report from the Government Accountability Office to United States Senate Committee on Armed Services projected the overall unit cost of an F-35A to be ... An internal Pentagon report critical of the JSF project states that "affordability is no longer embraced as a core pillar" ...
Automated Planning And Scheduling - Overview
... Given a description of the possible initial states of the world, a description of the desired goals, and a description of a set of possible actions, the planning problem is to find a plan that is ... are the associated probabilities available? Are the state variables discrete or continuous? If they are discrete, do they have only a finite number of possible values ... How many initial states are there, one or arbitrarily many? Do actions have a duration? Can several actions be taken concurrently, or is only one action ...

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    The government of the United States at present is a foster-child of the special interests. It is not allowed to have a voice of its own. It is told at every move, “Don’t do that, You will interfere with our prosperity.” And when we ask: “where is our prosperity lodged?” a certain group of gentlemen say, “With us.”
    Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)

    No punishment has ever possessed enough power of deterrence to prevent the commission of crimes. On the contrary, whatever the punishment, once a specific crime has appeared for the first time, its reappearance is more likely than its initial emergence could ever have been.
    Hannah Arendt (1906–1975)