What are house prices?

House Prices

House prices fluctuate over time. For more detailed articles referring to specific economies:

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Gwynedd Council - Second Home Controversy
... Glyn was commenting on a report underscoring the dilemma of rocketing house prices outstripping what locals could pay, with the report warning that '...traditional Welsh communities could die out..." as a consequence ... Many buyers were drawn to Wales from England because of relatively low house prices in Wales as compared to house prices in England ... The rise in home prices outpaced the average earnings in Wales and meant that many local people could not afford to purchase their first home ...
House Prices
... House prices fluctuate over time ... economies - Affordability of housing in the United Kingdom House prices in the UK - Real estate pricing House prices in the United States ...
Kirstie Allsopp - House Prices
... Allsopp has been accused (along with fellow property TV presenters) of fuelling irresponsible house purchases that led to the housing crash ... Allsopp has defended herself from the charges, writing in The Times that "blaming such shows and their presenters for the present uncertain state of the property market is akin to blaming TV chefs for the great bulge in obesity." ...
Economic Stimulus Act Of 2008 - Rationale
... led to a reluctance by lenders to issue so-called jumbo mortgages for the purchase of houses that exceeded the FHA and GSE limits ... United States housing bubble had pushed house prices above those limits in many areas of the country ... mortgages, fewer buyers could afford them, and house prices were being forced down toward the limits for conforming mortgages ...
Australian Property Bubble - Surveys and Popular Commentary
... The Economist (21 Oct 2010) found that Australian house prices were overvalued by 63.2%, stating that "Our analysis of 'fair value' in housing, which is based on comparing the current ... its benchmark interest rate this month." The Australian newspaper reported in May 2010 that house prices had "soared 20 per cent in the 12 months to ... The survey was based on a correlation of median house price divided by gross annual median household income ...

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