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List Of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Locations - Reception
... The show has become one of the most popular of the Gundam series in Japan, enjoying high television ratings and DVD sales ... In April 2004, Bandai Visual announced that one million copies of the Gundam SEED DVD had been sold in Japan, with the first volume having sold over 100,000 copies ... CDs sales have also been high with the single CD from the series' first ending theme becoming one of the top-selling CDs in Japan during 2002 ...
Yoshiyuki Tomino - Career - 1990s and 2000s
... Tomino would direct an additional Gundam motion picture, Mobile Suit Gundam F91 in 1991 ... Char's Counterattack, re-launched the Gundam saga in a new direction by featuring a completely new cast ... In 1993, Tomino directed his next Gundam series, Victory Gundam, which (like F91 before) attempted to relaunch the Gundam saga with a completely new cast ...
Musha Gundam - Outline
... The Musha Gundam series is the longest running SD Gundam series, lasting over 15 years ... Since the series is set in the Warring States period, use of katakana is avoided and kanji is used heavily ... For example, '頑駄無' is pronounced 'Gan Da Mu', or 'Gundam' ...

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