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Federal Labor Relations Act
... The Federal Labor Relations Act of 1978 (FLRA) is a federal law which establishes collective bargaining rights for most employees of the federal government in the United States ... after President Jimmy Carter pushed for legislation to regularize federal labor relations ... In passing the act, Congress declared that it wished to encourage collective bargaining between federal employees and their employers ...
NARFE - Lobbying - Legislation Opposed
... The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association expressed opposition to H.R. 273 (113th Congress) to eliminate the 2013 statutory pay adjustment for Federal employees ... which would end the on-going pay freeze and give civilian federal employees a 0.5% raise in 2013 ...
Lloyd – La Follette Act - Legislative History
... States Congress enacted the Act with the intention of conferring job protection rights on federal employees which they had not previously had ... there was no such statutory inhibition on the authority of the government to discharge a federal employee, and an employee could be discharged with or without cause. 1902) and Taft (in 1909) administrations prohibited federal employees from communicating with Congress without authorization from their superiors ...
... National Active and Retired Federal Employees Associations (NARFE) is an is a nonprofit, 501(c)5 membership association dedicated to improving the benefits of retired federal ... NARFE has some 300,000 members active federal employees, retirees, their spouses and survivors, and over 1,300 NARFE chapters ... Their agenda includes "extend the Premium Conversion rights that federal and postal employees have to federal annuitants" and "Repeal the Social Security Government Pension Offset ...
Health Insurance In The United States - Private Health Care Coverage - Employer-sponsored - Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan (FEHBP)
... plans as Medicare and Medicaid, the federal government also sponsors a health benefit plan for federal employees—the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) ... FEHBP provides health benefits to full-time civilian employees ... FEHBP is managed by the federal Office of Personnel Management ...

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    Exporting Church employees to Latin America masks a universal and unconscious fear of a new Church. North and South American authorities, differently motivated but equally fearful, become accomplices in maintaining a clerical and irrelevant Church. Sacralizing employees and property, this Church becomes progressively more blind to the possibilities of sacralizing person and community.
    Ivan Illich (b. 1926)

    [M]y conception of liberty does not permit an individual citizen or a group of citizens to commit acts of depredation against nature in such a way as to harm their neighbors and especially to harm the future generations of Americans. If many years ago we had had the necessary knowledge, and especially the necessary willingness on the part of the Federal Government, we would have saved a sum, a sum of money which has cost the taxpayers of America two billion dollars.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)