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Blockade Of Wonsan - Background - Operation Wonsan
... Because of this, the use of minesweepers became a necessity and eventually dozens would serve in the blockade ... Doyle commanded Task Force 90, a fleet of dozens of American warships which were used in the clearance ... mines sank the sweepers USS Pledge and USS Pirate, killing twelve men and wounding dozens of others, all while under accurate fire from North Korean shore ...
The Dozens - In Media
... In his 2012 book The Dozens A History of Rap's Mama music historian and musician Elijah Wald says the term was first defined in a 1921 pop song - "Don't Slip ... Speckled Red recorded a song entitled "The Dirty Dozen", which includes lyrics such as "I like yo' momma — sister, too/I did like your poppa, but your poppa would not do./I met your poppa ... Comedian-actor Eddie Murphy often based his stand-up routines on a reversal of the dozens, the purpose of which was boasting about oneself rather than insulting someone else ...
Speckled Red
... and singer, most noted for his recordings of "The Dirty Dozens", with exchanges of insults and vulgar remarks that have long been a part of African American folklore ... dirty mistreater, a robber and a cheater" "Stick you in a dozens and yo pappy is yo cousin" "And yo mama do the lawdylawd" Although the lyrics were sung rather than spoken ...
Henmaru Machino
... dysmorphic hermaphrodism and body transformation, as well as dozens of other sexual paraphilia ... have real-world analogues (S M, mutilation, etc.), Machino's images of, for example, girls with dozens of phalli sprouting from each of the dozens of breasts that cover their body, are not something any viewer ...
The Dozens - Purpose and Practice
... Participants in the Dozens are required to exhibit mental acuity and proficiency with words ... Rap Brown writes that the children he grew up with employed the Dozens to kill time and stave off boredom, in the way that whites might play Scrabble ... Remarks in the Dozens can be expressed in rhyme or general language ...

Famous quotes containing the word dozens:

    ... with dozens of as yet
    Unrealized projects, and a strict sense
    Of time running out, of evening presenting
    The tactfully folded-over bill?
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)