What are contemporaneous?

  • (adj): Occurring in the same period of time.
    Example: "A rise in interest rates is often contemporaneous with an increase in inflation"
    Synonyms: contemporary
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Yaqub Beg - The Death of Yakub Beg
... The contemporaneous historian Musa Sayrami (1836–1917) states that he was poisoned on May 30, 1877 in Korla by the former hakim (local city ruler) of Yarkand, Niyaz Hakim Beg, after the latter concluded a conspiracy ... that he was killed in battle with the Chinese While the contemporaneous Muslim writers usually explained Yakub Beg's death by poisoning, and the suicide theory was apparently the accepted truth ... Contemporaneous western sources say the Chinese got rid of him by poisoning him or some other sort of subversive act.) ...
Maykop Culture - Contemporaneous Cultures
... It is approximately contemporaneous with and is apparently influenced by the Kuro-Araxes culture (3500—2200 BC) which straddles the Caucasus and extends into eastern Anatolia ... To the north and west is the similarly contemporaneous Yamna culture and immediately north is the Novotitorovka culture (3300—2700), which it overlaps ...
Mahāsāṃghika - Doctrines and Teachings - Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
... traditions, the Mahāsāṃghikas held the doctrine of the existence of many contemporaneous buddhas throughout the ten directions ... These two concepts of contemporaneous bodhisattvas and contemporaneous buddhas were linked in some traditions, and texts such as the Mahāprajñāpāramit ... It is thought that the doctrine of contemporaneous buddhas was already old and well established by the time of early Mahāyāna texts such as the Aṣṭasāhasrik ...
Āgama (Buddhism) - Doctrines
... However, in Mahāyāna traditions, the concept of contemporaneous buddhas is common ... and related teachings), "the Buddha did not say whether or not there are contemporaneous buddhas in the ten directions." In the āgamas preserved in Chinese, the concept of contemporaneous buddhas does ... Āgama, and the Ekottara Āgama, in which the doctrine of contemporaneous buddhas is mentioned many times ...
Baltimore Orioles (19th Century) - Tricky and Dirty Play
... their reputation as among the baddest teams in the sport’s history, but the contemporaneous record does not support it ... runner’s belt to keep him from scoring, but the 2005 book found no contemporaneous reporting on the subject ... Other stories the book deemed funny, but not confirmed by contemporaneous coverage, include a claim, first made by J ...

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