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List of Circumbinary Planets - Confirmed Planets
... Star system Planet Minimum mass Semimajor axis Orbital period Discovered Ref PSR B1620-26 b 2.5 2003 ... DP Leonis b 6.28 ± 0.58 8.6 23.8 2009 NN Serpentis c 6.91 ± 0.54 5.38 ± 0.20 15.50 ± 0.45 ...
List Of Multiplanetary Systems
... stars with at least two confirmed planets), beyond our Solar System ... contains information about the coordinates, spectral and physical properties, and number of confirmed planets (as of July 7, 2011) ... The higher mass and metallicity tend to have more planets and more massive planets ...
Planetary System
... Generally speaking, planetary systems describe systems with one or more planets, although such systems may also consist of bodies such as dwarf planets ... unusual PSR B1257+12 system and its extrasolar planets, confirmed in 1992, holds a number of significant records, including the first discovered, as well as the first pulsar, multi-star planetary system ... As of 2012, 670 such systems have been confirmed including 126 which contain two or more planets ...

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    Perhaps when distant people on other planets pick up some wave-length of ours all they hear is a continuous scream.
    Iris Murdoch (b. 1919)

    He prayed more deeply for simple selflessness than he had ever prayed before—and, feeling an uprush of grace in the very intention, shed the night in his heart and called it light. And walking out of the little church he felt confirmed in not only the worth of his whispered prayer but in the realization, as well, that Christ had become man and not some bell-shaped Corinthian column with volutes for veins and a mandala of stone foliage for a heart.
    Alexander Theroux (b. 1940)