What are analogies?

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Car Analogy - Uses of Car Analogies
... The efficiency of car analogies reside on their capacity to explain difficult concepts (usually due to their high abstraction level) on more mundane terms with which the target ... Due to that, car analogies appear more often on works related to applied sciences and technology ... In order to work, car analogies translate agents of action as the car driver, the seller, or police officers likewise, elements of a system are referred as car pieces, such as wheels, motor ...
Seder Hishtalshelus - Analogies For Seder Hishtalshelut - Only Analogies
... While the Hasidic texts offer many analogies of how Seder Hishtalshelus exists within a person, such as the one given above, they also emphasize that these are only analogies and the analogue is nothing like ... These analogies are meant only to give a glimpse into Seder Hishtalshelus in a way that we are familiar with, but the true analogue deals with how God interrelates with our world ... While analogies are a necessary step, the true goal of studying Seder Hishlshelus must be to pick out the point that unites all of the analogies and apply it to the analogue i.e ...
Shockwave - Analogies
... To produce a shock wave, an object in a given medium (such as air, or water) must travel faster than the local speed of sound ... In the case of an aircraft travelling at high subsonic speed, regions of air around the aircraft may be travelling at exactly the speed of sound, so that the sound waves leaving the aircraft pile up on one another, similar to a traffic jam on a freeway ...
Futurism (literature) - Methodology - Abolition of Syntax
... Syntax would act as a filter in which analogies had to be processed and so analogies would lose their characteristic "stupefaction." By abolishing syntax, the analogies would become more effective ...

Famous quotes containing the word analogies:

    Truth on our level is a different thing from truth for the jellyfish, and there must certainly be analogies for truth and error in jellyfish life.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)

    There must be a solemn and terrible aloneness that comes over the child as he takes those first independent steps. All this is lost to memory and we can only reconstruct it through analogies in later life....To the child who takes his first steps and finds himself walking alone, this moment must bring the first sharp sense of the uniqueness and separateness of his body and his person, the discovery of the solitary self.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)