What are aglaulus?


Aglaulus or Agraulos (Ἄγραυλος) is a name attributed to three figures in Greek mythology.

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Aglaulus, Daughter Of Cecrops - Worship
... Mythographers believe Aglaulus to have an origin distinct from that of her sisters, due in part to the fact that she had her own sanctuary near the Acropolis ...
Athene - Mythology - Athena Parthenos: Virgin Athena - Erichthonius
... she entrusts to the care of three sisters, Herse, Pandrosus, and Aglaulus of Athens ... The serpent, or insanity induced by the sight, drives Herse and Aglaulus to throw themselves off the Acropolis ... Herse, Aglaulus, and Pandrosus go to the temple to offer sacrifices to Athena ...