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List Of Digraphs In Latin Alphabets - W
... ⟨wh⟩ is used in English language for /hw/, the continuation of the PIE labiovelar formerly spelled hw ... Most English interrogative words begin with this phoneme, hence their name wh-words ... In the Māori language, ⟨wh⟩ represents or more commonly, with some regional variations approaching or ...
Heathkit H8 - History - H8
... To be useful, the user also need to purchase a 4 kB SRAM card ($139) and some form of storage controller at a minimum this would be the H10 paper tape punch/reader or the H8-5 Serial I/O card ($110) which controlled a cassette tape, using a 1200-baud variant of the Kansas City standard format ... Another common accessory was the H9 video terminal, which was also driven by the H8-5 card although any serial terminal would work ...
Central Atlas Tamazight - Grammar - Syntax
... wh- questions are always clefts, and multiple wh-questions do not occur ... Consequently Tamazight's clefting, relativisation, and wh-interrogation contribute to anti-agreement effects, similar to Shilha, and causes deletion of the verbal ...