West Semitic

West Semitic may refer to:

  • The West Semitic languages
  • Abjads, consonantal alphabets used to write western Semitic languages

Other articles related to "west semitic, semitic":

West Semitic Languages
... The West Semitic languages are a proposed major sub-grouping of Semitic languages ... Robert Hetzron and John Huehnergard, divides the Semitic language family into two branches Eastern and Western ... extinct Eblaite and Akkadian languages, the latter of the majority of Semitic languages ...
East Semitic Languages
... The East Semitic languages are one of six fairly uncontroversial divisions of the Semitic languages, the others being Northwest Semitic, Arabian, Old South Arabian (also known as Sayhadic ... The East Semitic group is attested by two distinct languages, Akkadian and Eblaite, both of which have been long extinct ... They stand apart from other Semitic languages, traditionally called West Semitic, in a number of respects ...
Origins Of The Hyksos - Origin Hypotheses - Modern Scholarship - Amorites or West Semites
... Dynasty kings, also leans towards a West Semitic or Canaanite origin for the Hyksos rulers — if not the Hyksos peoples themselves ... mountain.' This sacred or deified mountain is attested in at least two other names which are both West Semitic (Ya'qub-Har and Anar-Har) and so there is reason to ...

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